Julie Silver, founder of Positioned for Admissions, provides in-depth, personalized guidance to help you navigate the college admissions process. Based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Julie offers face-to-face college consulting services for clients throughout South Jersey, Central Jersey, and Philadelphia. Julie also works via Skype with clients from Massachusetts to California and anywhere in between.
Hourly and package rates are available for any or all of the services listed below.
Step-By-Step Guidance and Support
Frequent email and/or phone contact to keep students and parents organized and on task.
Updated to-do lists with due dates as needed.
Questions answered as they arise.

College List Development
Thorough review of student’s high school transcript, standardized test scores, extracurricular resume, and questionnaire responses.
Balanced college list of reach, match, and safety schools that includes financial safety schools and those with merit scholarship possibilities if appropriate.
Ongoing revisions to list based on preferences as they evolve.

Curriculum and Standardized Test Planning
Recommendations regarding student’s high school curriculum, standardized test options, and test preparation methods.

Essay Development and Editing
Assistance with brainstorming, drafting, and editing of all primary and supplemental essays.
Focus on helping student craft strong essays that reflect his or her personality, perspective, experiences, and writing ability.

College Visitation Strategies
Where and when to visit.
Key activities to accomplish during each visit.
How to evaluate each experience.
How to follow up with key players.
Other strategies to demonstrate interest when appropriate.

Interview Preparation
Coaching on the types of questions to expect and how to formulate effective answers.
Mock interview to help student practice articulating answers and asking meaningful questions.

Extracurricular Activities Guidance
Advice regarding student’s school-year and summer activities.
Suggestions for submitting supplemental materials to colleges when appropriate.
Assistance with activities section of Common Application to present student’s interests and accomplishments in most advantageous manner.

Letters of Recommendation Guidance
Strategies to obtain the best recommendations possible from teachers, employers, coaches, etc.

Application Timing and Completion Assistance
Advice regarding how and when to apply to each college once list is finalized.
Application strategy that minimizes stress and yields best possible outcomes.
Close attention to detail to ensure that all applications are submitted on time and without errors.

Final College Selection Guidance
Assistance with final decision-making process to ensure that student and parents have all the information they need to evaluate the options thoroughly.

Early guidance for 8th and 9th graders.
Complimentary advice for younger siblings until they reach 10th grade.